What is an astrological reading?

Readings are a dialogue between us both – not just me reciting to you the contents of your chart in astrological jargon. If you’re someone who wants to “test the astrologer” to see if this stuff is legit, neither one of us will have a great experience. Instead, let’s have a focused dialogue between you and me about what these energies, represented by the planets, signs, etc. in your astrological birth chart, actually mean to you – you’re the one living the life, after all, and it’s my job to help you come away feeling informed, energized and empowered about how to live it even better because now you understand things that you didn’t before.

I offer three types of readings:

The Inner Wheel

(Up to 90 minutes)

Together we’ll discuss your birth chart, including any specific questions you may have. We’ll discuss how these planetary energies play out within the various areas of your life – how you approach the world, career, personal relationships; health and work, etc. The goal here is for you to understand more clearly who you really are and why you feel and act the way you do.

Price: $89.00 (note – this price is reduced to 40% off  my normal rate of $150.00, in order to make my services more affordable during this time of painful inflation.)

The Outer Wheel

(Typically 60 min, depending on how many questions you have)

This reading is only for those who have had an Inner Wheel reading with me, because it is based on your astrological birth chart. We will go over your questions about what’s going on now, and in the near future, and how it’s affecting your life experience. We’ll talk about how you can raise your vibrations to make life more enjoyable.

Price $60.00 for one hour; $30 for every additional 30 min (reduced from $100 for the reading and $50 for every additional half hour)

The Wheel of Karma

If you’re on a spiritual path and can’t seem to move past a certain point, no matter how many readings, healings, meditations, etc, you’ve had, this may be the type of astrological chart reading you need. In this reading we’ll discuss your soul’s deepest desire for this life, as indicated by certain energies in your chart, and what type of baggage you may be carrying that needs to be transformed. We’ll focus on those parts of your chart about which you’re concerned.

I also offer additional coaching sessions to help you consciously engage with your astrological energies to work through any challenging barriers.

Price $60.00 for the initial reading; $30 for each additional half hour coaching sessions (reduced from the regular prices of $100 and $50 respectively)

To schedule a reading:

  • Contact me at [email protected] for scheduling an appointment.
  • You will need to pay for the reading in full at least 48 hours before the appointment, so that I may be prepared.
  • Please be aware that appointments may not be available for 3 weeks or more.

Payments may be submitted by Venmo or PayPal, [email protected] – if you don’t use such services, contact me so that we can make an arrangement.)